CEO Australia of Grameen Australia

Kat is a systems-minded lawyer turned social entrepreneur. She believes that when we use business to tackle complex social problems we can change the world.

Kat's inter-disciplinary background across law, financial services and as the CEO of Grameen Australia (the local replication of Nobel Peace Prize winning microfinance inventor Grameen Bank), offers an unique top-down and bottom-up view of how business can be organised to benefit society and planet. This diverse skillset helps Kat draw on ideas from one domain, to tackle problems in an unrelated domain.

2017, she created F-OFF: Fear of Failure Forum, a movement to say “F-OFF” to our fear of failure and to grow our potential (f-off.org). Through this movement she coaches CEOs, Executives, HNW individuals and business owners to say "F-OFF" to their fear of failure and align their values with their work.

Kat is passionate about social impact and enterprise, leadership coaching, rock climbing, stand-up comedy, personal development, running and flying planes.