Founder of i=Change

Jeremy is a social entrepreneur and inspiring voice for women’s rights globally. He created i=Change to help accelerate the impact of extraordinary development projects, focused on empowering women and girls.

As a young man, Jeremy was moved to action while living in Cuba. He was shocked at how violence against women seemed accepted and was even considered 'normal' across Latin America. This left him with a burning question... Why is such abuse so common in some communities while abhorrent in others?

Over the last ten years in an attempt to understand this issue, Jeremy's met with NGO's and communities in many countries around the world.

Jeremy believes the solution lies in engaging men, challenging the dominant versions of masculinity, modeling respectful relationships to children, and funding best-practice NGOs.

Jeremy is passionate about the enormous potential, that often won't be realised, in women and girls around the world. What would they build if they could? How could i=Change be part of the solution?